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How do I contact Jerielle?

Call this number: 347-724-7500 or email this address: jeriellem@yahoo.com - and say pleasant things.

Wherever does one get a name like "Jerielle"?

My mother (Geraldine) and father (Albert) combined their names.  Geri + Al = Jerielle!

Have you always wanted to be a performer?

Not at all....the first thing I remember wanting to be when I grew up was a waitress - so, maybe I DID want to be a performer!  Actually I was quite a shy little girl and though I was very talkative when I felt comfortable around you - I did not yearn to be in the spotlight.  That didn't happen until I started doing musicals in high school.  I always had a love of musical theatre from sharing it with my family growing up - but I was just as surprised as they were when I started wanting to pursue it.

What is your favorite type of music to sing?

Obviously I have a passion for musical theatre but I also am rather enamored with tunes of the 1920's - 1940's.  I've also been obsessed with harmonizing for as long as I can remember - and that often lends itself to the singer-songwriter genre.

Where do I find the best Holiday Carolers to Hire?

Funny you should ask, because I have been having a blast singing with The Manhattan Holiday Carolers for almost a decade now - in and around the NYC/NJ area - you should definitely hire us!

What's the story with the pictures in your "Randomina" Gallery?

Oh - no real story there, and I truly hope nothing offends.  I  just adore wigs and bizarre props.  Sometimes I find my way to one that just calls to me on a deeper level (a deeper level of crazy).  I have been fortunate enough to cross paths with some creative individuals who don't mind joining in or capturing a little bit of that crazy on film.  I'm presently on the prowl for my next random costume or prop.

You have called yourself a "Doodler" in a bold frilly font - plastered on each page of your website -- What, exactly do you mean and where are the doodles?

I have been doodling for longer than I've been seriously singing.  It started, as it does, on the covers of my school notebooks.  As I grew older I realized how important they are to me - they sort of relax me and make me feel better.  I started collecting them a few years ago and my collection has grown (often from numerous post-its or scraps of paper I tackled whilst working less strenuous temp jobs!) and have several posted here.  I intend to continue doodling forever - and maybe do something with them once I figure out what that is. 

Thanks for visiting my site and reading my FAQ!